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How To Handle And Fix Leaky Corrugated Iron Roofs?

Do you feel scared every time the rainy season comes? Tired of thinking about rainy days when you have to bring buckets and pots to catch water? The prospect of a leaky home seems like a nightmare for your family members.

So how to overcome the above situation. In today’s article we will give you tips on how to fix leaking roof effectively.

What Causes the Roof to Leak?

As you know, roofs are not only effective against the sun and rain. In addition, the roof also plays an important role in creating the value of the house. The roof is beautifully designed, feng shui will bring a luxurious architectural beauty and express the own class of the owner.

When you are in a house with a beautiful roof, you will surely feel very secure and comfortable. However, over time, there are many different reasons that cause the roof to deteriorate and often leak.

If you do not promptly handle the treatment, it may cause more leakage. Even for a long period of time, it becomes harder to handle and causes a waste of effort and money.

Leaky roofs for a long time will be difficult to handle and make the leak worse.

There are many objective and subjective reasons that cause the roof to leak as follows:

– Due to ineffective use of the roofing system. This makes the roof more susceptible to leaking when exposed to rain or thunderstorms.

– Due to the erratic climate changes and the wear of time causing cracks in the roof. Over time these cracks start to leak, causing the roof to leak.

– Nailed by the corrugated iron roof, screws are exposed. At the same time, the nail tips at the section connecting to the corrugated iron should not be sealed with glue.

In addition, the tole connection is not guaranteed when the rainy season comes, the water starts to flow through the nail tip. Slowly seeps into the inside, damaging the plaster. This can affect the entire interior of the house.

– Due to the system of bathrooms and toilets on higher floors being damaged, causing leaks causing the roof to leak.

How to Identify Leaky Roof?

If you want to apply the method of treating the leaky roof effectively, you must know where the leaky roof is leaking in order to give a correct and thorough anti-leakage method.

For example, the roof leaking due to heavy rain from the gap between the two houses, but you will never leak nail holes, it is never effective, it only costs you time and money, but the corrugated iron roof, the tiled roof your house will still leak, maybe even worse.

To identify leaky corrugated iron, you can do the following:

Observed directly with the naked eye.

Inspect the entire corrugated iron roof for any spots that you suspect are leaking.

Observe the position of leaking down to the ceiling that you see from under the ceiling to be able to accurately identify.

Check for deterioration of the screw tips.

Check for heavily rusted corrugated iron points.

It is advisable to check and identify the most accurate location of leaking corrugated iron in order to be able to apply the most effective anti-leaking method.

The 6 Most Effective Ways To Treat Leaky Corrugated Iron Roof

#1 Replace the damaged rust screws, reinforce all loose nails for the corrugated iron roof

If the corrugated iron screws need to be replaced, or the damaged corrugated iron fixing screws need to be replaced, you should follow these steps.

First, use a screwdriver (specialized drill) to remove the old screws, then replace the new screws.

Note that if you only remove any screws, you should shoot a new one because removing the roof at the same time will no longer hold the connection, easy to fly and misaligned the nail hole, causing the roof to have more defects.

If the screw holes are wide, you should shoot glue or leak-proof stickers to be able to fix it, and apply silicone adhesive to all purlin screws to ensure absolutely that the roof does not leak. nail hole. This is an anti-leaking method that is both cost-effective and effective.

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#2 Prevent leaking corrugated iron roof punctured in the position of sunken corrugated iron, floating corrugated iron

In many cases, the corrugated iron roof is punctured in the middle of the plate due to inattention to screw construction, or when transported in construction, the corrugated iron is rusted, and the corrugated iron will be punctured.

The anti-leaking method for this case is as follows:

With small scratches: Use silicone glue to glue the roof or the anti-leaking film to seal the hole.

With large puncture marks from 5cm to 10cm: clean the surface of the leak so that the glue can stick better. Use a leak proof membrane that lasts only 1 to 2 years temporarily, if you want to last long, you should use a small piece of corrugated iron or use screws to keep the iron in place and then proceed with gluing around the anti-leak sheet.

This is a safe and effective way of waterproofing roof leaks that is often applied by the majority of people.

#3 Preventing corrugated iron roof leaks or punctures in adjacent places

The iron positions that are superimposed on each other are called wave contiguous positions. The process of corrugated iron is in long-term exposure to wind and rain, making the adjacent position flipping and removing nails.

When the rain is accompanied by strong wind, the water will be blown back into these positions, but please rest assured because this case is easy to handle. You just need to screw these positions up or you can shoot more glue in these positions.

#4 The corrugated iron roof is broken, causing water stagnation on the iron in low positions

Use a screw to drill into the floating wave at the spot where the corrugated iron is broken, and then use the wire to tie it to a stick and then slowly pull the low deformed areas back to the original shape.

Make slowly when the corrugated iron roof is not sunken anymore, and limit not stepping on the broken iron. Use a 3cm roll to prevent the broken position from sagging.

#5 Preventing corrugated iron roof leaking in the position adjacent to the wall slot or the neighbor’s roof

If the corrugated iron roof you have this situation, there are 2 effective solutions.

Waterproofing of corrugated iron roofs: Use cement mortar to cover the gap between 2 houses so that rainwater does not flow into the contiguous slot.

Use anti-leaking tape for the corrugated iron roof to stick to the contiguous position of 2 houses. Or use the 1000cm / 2000cm sheet corrugated iron, cut in half into 500cm size using nails, nails to reinforce the iron to be sure not to be blown by the wind.

Thus, you have completely dealt with the leaky steel sheet adjacent to the two houses, both effective and easy to overcome in the rainy season.

#6 The corrugated iron roof leaks due to the acid in the corrosive rainwater

You can use oil paint, before you paint rust, you should clean the surface of the roof before spraying or brushing the surface of the roof. This will make the protected corrugated iron roof not corroded.

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