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Top 5 Best Wood Router 2022 [Honest Review]

To make a complete and aesthetic interior product, in addition to requiring skillful craftsmen, it also requires the support of modern equipment. Wood Router is one of the powerful support tools that any professional wants to have. It can bring extremely precise, beautiful and neat cuts to help workers make great wood products.

Milling lines created by wood milling machines are capable of achieving high precision and complexity, resulting in quality and aesthetic product lines. Up to now, this is one of the key of equipment in the furniture manufacturing industry.

In this article, we will guide amateur craftsmen to choose the best wood router. These wood routers are all selected by us based on the most objective reviews.

What is the Structure & Operating Principle of Wood Router?

#1 Wood router construction

In terms of structure, the milling machine includes basic parts such as the engine and the body. The machine motor has two parts, the rotor and the stator. In which, Rotor is the moving part, which rotates and creates motion for the milling cutter to run. The body is usually made of plastic material, in order to create a light weight for the machine, the shaft is not or has two side handles.

Depending on some models or manufacturers, the wood milling machine will be equipped with intelligent support features to help users easily control the machine.

#2 Working principle

The wood router works on the principle of creating a circular motion for the milling cutter. When the worker wants to shape the product, he can move the milling tip (in rotation) to the object to be milled. The cutting edge on the milling bit will come into contact with the wood and cut the object to be milled.

The worker can create translational motion in three directions including vertical, horizontal or vertical. The milling process is represented by shaping movements, machining methods, in addition, it also depends on the shape of the cutter, the mounting direction between the part and the tool.

How to Classify Wood Router?

#1 Fixed base

This type of machine has a fixed body during use, that is, when the machine is operating, it cannot move the drill up and down anymore. When using a wood router with a fixed body you can only move the wood router reciprocally. The advantage of the fixed shank type is that you can create a very precise milling path.

#2 Plunge Base

In contrast to the above fixed base type machine. The drill bit of the mobile body milling machine can still be moved during use. You can freely adjust the height of the drill shaft, thereby creating more interesting and unique cuts. Besides, the machine with a fixed body also has a locking mode to help you fix the milling axis during operation. However, for high accuracy requires more difficult alignment.

How to Choose the Best Wood Cutter?

To own yourself a hand-held wood milling machine to bring the best efficiency. You can refer to the following selection criteria:

#1 Choose a trusted brand

This is the first thing customers need to learn to have the best machine quality. Machines from famous and reputable brands will have high durability as well as stable performance. Proven safety guarantee allows for wide trade. At the same time, there is a warranty in case of an error.

#2 Choose according to your needs

Depending on the needs of the user, the customer chooses the most suitable product. If the demand for use is high, operating for many hours, it is necessary to choose a wood cutter with a large capacity. For the needs of less active cores, machines with lower capacity is a great choice to save costs.

#3 Choose a reputable distributor

This is the deciding factor for you to buy the right genuine product or not. Prestigious stores will perform the fastest and best warranty. At the same time, ensure that the product is safe and not mixed with fake goods of poor quality. Amazon is an ideal place for you to buy wood cutter.

Top 5 Best Wood Router We Review

#1 Bosch GKF125CEN Variable-Speed Palm Router Tool

Bosch GKF125CEN comes from a manufacturer specializing in the production of mechanical machinery and equipment Bosch. This model is the smart choice for amateur craftsmen because it can fully meet the compact, durable and convenient criteria you need in a high-quality milling machine.

This wood cutter has a handle design that fits the palm of those who use it. With a weight of only 4.4 pounds and a small, compact design, it is convenient to store and maintain.

The machine has an insulated outer shell and a handle designed to fit in the hand. It has a high roughness from which it is anti-slip, reduces hand pain and is safe to use even when hands are sweaty or greasy during work.

The machine uses a brush motor and is made from alloy with a good grade of synthetic resin with high bearing capacity and heat resistance. As a result, you can rest assured that the product will always be durable in all working conditions.

With a compact design and extremely sharp milling blades, this wood router makes milling and cutting vertical, inclined or grooved surfaces more convenient and easier.



#2 Makita RT0701C 1-1/4 HP Compact Router

Makita RT0700C Router has a standard design with a powerful 710W power and high speed up to 30000 rpm, helping you get the job done quickly with maximum performance.

This model is lightweight and extremely durable, equipped with rust resistance despite frequent exposure to wet conditions or any extreme weather. Thereby giving the product a long life, contributing to creating a perfect wood router in all aspects.

This model is specially used for edge polishing, trimming, angle grinding, suitable for machining, mold making. The machine is widely used in wood workshops, handicraft establishments because of its professionalism and accuracy.

The product works with 6 different levels, depending on the type of material you are working with, the machine will have the appropriate speed.



#3 Bosch 1617EVSPK Wood Router Tool Combo Kit

Bosch 1617EVSPK Wood Router is an indispensable great support tool in construction and woodworking jobs. It is because of the ability to create high-precision finished products that we can easily see this model in many carpentry workshops.

This model has 2 handles for easy machine control, for precise wood milling. These handles are designed with a convenient shape, easy to grip firmly, anti-slip.

This machine has excellent motor performance and it is also easy to replace if something goes wrong. Strong machine power helps wood milling to work stably and stably. It works non-stop, does not jam, effectively increasing the milling experience for users.



#4 DEWALT DWE6000 Single Speed 1/4-Inch Router

The Dewalt DWE6000 milling machine is a useful product widely used in carpentry workshops, specialized for milling or screening decorative motifs, edges with many different designs and lines.

This model has a compact design with a sturdy handle for easy and efficient use. The milling machine structure is solid, good bearing capacity. The outer shell is covered with anti-rust yellow paint to make the machine durable. Besides, the machine’s weight of only 4.85 pounds also helps you operate more flexibly and conveniently carry it when working.

The machine works with a powerful motor, powerful capacity and a milling speed of 31,000 rpm to help shorten your working time and bring high working efficiency. The machine can easily adjust the depth of cutting or moderate level for you to use to suit your needs.

It features a 1/4 inch milling head for smooth, aesthetically pleasing milling. The machine operates at a single speed, stable and durable operation, using 120V power source suitable for the mains of every house.



#5 Lotos ER001 Electric Plunge Wood Router

Lotos ER001 is a product manufactured by the most advanced line technology, promising to bring the most satisfying experiences to users.

This model is the most economical option on this list of our best wood routers. If you have a limited budget, this wood router is a perfect choice right now. It’s powerful enough to take care of your craft projects at home.

It has a case design made of synthetic plastic and aluminum to help reduce vibration and has the good bearing capacity, resistant to deformation when subjected to strong impacts. From there, you can rest assured when using the product. The product has a compact design, lightweight, does not take up much space when carrying and using.

With stable power and speed up to 30000 rpm, the machine is very powerful and efficient, providing the most optimal performance.



Some Important Notes When Using a Wood Router for DIY

Using a wood router can help you achieve high precision edge contouring and intricate designs for your woodworking projects. From creating mortises and mortises to attaching slats, the wood router offers you many other options. A wood router also has certain dangers when used.

Since you are not directly working with the wood router but with the slats, you often tend to forget that you are using a very powerful tool. To ensure that your projects are done safely, be sure to follow these tips:

#1 Please read the instructions

The handle is the most important safety part of the wood router. No router is the same as another so even the most experienced carpenters need to read the instruction manual before getting started. The user manual will describe any special safety features as well as safe operating procedures.

#2 Easy power off

When a problem occurs during operation, you will have to immediately disconnect the power. When you use the wood router for projects, always make sure that you can disconnect power immediately. Turning off the power as soon as signs of trouble occur will help you avoid serious injury. Remember that you can always start a project again, but fingers can’t go back.

#3 Avoid baggy clothes

Oversized clothing or trinkets like zippers or necklaces can get caught in the powerful wood router before you realize the danger exists. Because the worker is in bare contact with the camera, it is even more dangerous. When working in a lumberyard, you should avoid wearing clothes that are too loose or too long, and wear jewelry under your shirt or behind your apron.

#4 Leaning towards the wood router

A working wood router will cut your skin as easily as a piece of wood. Even when wood routers are stopped, they are sharp enough to injure you. It can be tempting to tilt the milling machine for a closer look, but that means you’re putting yourself in danger of perforating your intestines or stomach. So, when you need to observe from a different angle, turn off the machine and walk around the table, it will be much safer.

#5 Hold the wood material tightly

When the rotating drill bit grabs the wobbly cutting piece, it can knock the piece of wood out at breakneck speed. Whether you’re holding onto the piece of wood as directed (shifting) or gripping it with both hands, you want to make sure you’re continuing to hold the motor steady throughout the process.

The flying pieces are actually dangerous not only for you but also for those who work in the carpentry shop. In addition, avoid much contact with small pieces of wood, because they are difficult to hold and often pull your hand close to the drill motor.

#6 Equip with safety equipment

Safety starts with prevention. Before you start working make sure you can protect yourself against possible dangers. Goggles, gloves and a leather apron are all things that can protect you from machine-made wood chips.

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