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Best Types of Wood Glue Review 2021: What Are The Best Types Of Wood Glue?

In carpentry, no one is unfamiliar with wood glue, because it is one of the indispensable specialized items. And this article below introduces the specialized and best wood adhesives available today.

What is wood glue?

Is a compound with high adhesion properties and is specialized in gluing wood, wooden materials in the wood. As one of the indispensable products in the carpentry industry. In addition to laminating wood, other materials such as paper, desks, and plastic floors can also be glued.

Product was born and gradually replaced nails or chisels to affect the details of wood products. On the market there are many different types of wood glue to meet each type and item.

However, many people cannot easily choose the best types of wood glue. Here are the best wood glues that guarantee the durability, no harm and are quite popular in the market.

What Are The Best Types Of Wood Glue?

Wood glues must ensure that the slats are firmly bonded without damaging the wood and of course safe for human hands. These are the best glue for wood and fortunately they are quite popular for your reference.

#1 PVA glue

PVA wood glue stands for Polyvinyl Acetate, a opaque colored glue. This glue can be diluted with water for purpose-specific consistency, free from unpleasant odors, and environmentally safe.

PVA glue does not create foam, adhesion very tightly. It is a convenient, safe product with low cost.

PVA adhesive has high adhesion, stability and stability over time. In addition, PVA glue is also resistant to bacteria, does not affect materials while using, and is environmentally friendly.

PVA glue can be assembled, assembled, 2-component glue, vacuum-absorbing glue. Fast drying time, odorless, does not affect wood quality, can resist heat and solvents.

#2 CA glue

CA stands for Cyanoacrylates, which is a fast drying glue in up to 1 minute, and is used to bond hard-to-stick woods.

CA glue is also odor-resistant and heat-resistant. There are many products on the market with different proportions for this group of CA wood glue.

CA wood adhesives are great for quick and easy repairs as it has a very short bonding time within just 1 minute. When the glue dries, it forms a very strong and durable hard plastic-like bond.

#3 Epoxy glue

Epoxy can not only glue wood but also used as a stone tile adhesive, it is also called AB glue consisting of two main components: curing A glue and B adhesive.

This is an extremely good adhesive, high heat resistance and mildew free. However, extra care should be taken when handling this wood glue.

Applied in the wood industry, Epoxy adhesive can be used to adhere wooden furniture, wood materials used indoors as well as outdoors.

Epoxy adhesive is a fairly common wood glue and it is widely used. It is also chosen by professional carpenters as a favorite glue. Beginners, however, need to be careful when handling and handling this glue.

#4 PU glue

PU adhesive, short for Polyurethane is one of the best wood adhesives on the market today, is waterproof, anti-corrosion and relatively safe.

This industrial glue is also used to help prevent walls and ceilings from absorbing water. There are many types of PU glue on the market today and it is certainly not a difficult glue to find.

PU adhesive is relatively safe so beginners can choose this glue to start with their crafting project. PU adhesive can be applied to many different wood projects.

#5 X Bond glue

X Bond glue is one of the most popular wood glues to the wall today. X Bond adhesive can ensure wood coupling to most building materials such as gypsum, galvanized iron, steel, concrete, foam and mirror surface, etc.

For ease of use, you can use either a double-sided contact X Bond or a single-sided wet adhesive.

In both cases, the bonding surface must be clean and dry, free from grease and dirt. Any adhesion coat should be removed and sanded well before use.

Top 10 Best Types of Wood Glue Review 2020

#1 Titebond 1413 III Ultimate Wood Glue

Titebond is a well known manufacturer of quality glues and certainly offers the best wood glue to the market. And with this wood glue, we are sure it will become a great adjunct to your wood crafting project.

This glue is easy to use, it is ready to work immediately when you open the lid and quickly bond the wood. This glue has a very strong bond, it will instantly bond the two pieces of wood together and the bond becomes stronger as the glue dries.

The drying time of this glue is also quite fast. Its initial bonding will take about 10 minutes and next 15 minutes, glue will dry completely.

This adhesive is water resistant and resistant to extreme temperatures and weather conditions. So it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor projects.

This adhesive is also user-friendly and environmental, does not cause negative effects when in contact with any material or object.

#2 Gorilla Wood Glue, 8 Ounce Bottle

Surely no one is unaware of Gorilla, an extremely famous manufacturer in this industry. And the glues from them, of course, also have a superior quality that you can trust in your crafting projects.

This glue for wood is extremely water resistant. So you can use it for both indoor and outdoor projects.

Its linkability is one thing that we shouldn’t argue with. It can work well with any wood material, any shape and texture.

This types of wood glue dries quickly in about 25-30 minutes and does not leave any bad glue after it dries.

#3 Glue Masters Professional Grade Cyanoacrylate (CA)

This CA glue from Glue Masters is really worth it for your investment. It is a wood glue that has perfect adhesion and is a specialized, versatile glue for craft projects.

This glue is ready to use immediately with the lid open. It can bond wood well with most other materials such as glass, porcelain, ceramic, paper, concrete, etc. In just 50 seconds, it can create a strong fundamental bond between materials.

Especially, with just a small amount of this glue can create lasting links for your project. That is why with just one small bottle, you can use it for your large craft project.

However this glue for wood is not water-resistant.

#4 FastCap 2P-10 Super Glue Adhesive

This wood glue has an extremely strong bond and can work extremely well with wood materials. Not only that, it can also bond wood with other materials extremely well.

This adhesive has a very fast drying time, it only needs a short time to complete the basic bonding. This glue also has a texture that’s good enough not to mess with your crafting project. It does not melt even when applied on inclined surfaces.

Although it has a strong bonding ability, it is not water-resistant. So it is more suitable for use with indoor projects rather than outdoor projects.

#5 Flex Glue Strong Rubberized Waterproof Adhesive

This wood glue from Flex Glue is an extremely suitable glue for thick and large wood panels. With this glue, you can easily handle large handcrafted projects with little effort.

It will create a thick, strong, and fast bond. This glue is resistant to UV rays, water and even mold. So you can use it for a lot of different projects, both indoors and outdoors.

It dries up fairly quickly, about 30 seconds after applying it is able to create the basic strong bond. And for the maximum durability of this bond, that time will be 6-7 days.

#6 Elmer’s E7310 Carpenter’s Wood Glue Max

This wood glue from Elmer’s is a popular and preferred glue by many carpenters or experienced people. It not only creates lasting bonds, but is also a friendly, safe glue.

This glue does not smell or contains any harmful substances. It has a strong texture that requires only a small amount to bond the wood materials together. So with a small jar you can also easily complete large crafting projects.

This adhesive is also resistant to water and extreme temperatures, making it suitable for outdoor projects as well. It will dry in about 30 minutes and complete bonding completely after 1 day.

#7 Titebond 5004 II Premium Wood Glue

This wood glue from Titebond is also an ideal choice for your crafting project. Titebond is a reputable and highly regarded manufacturer. It is even considered as the best rated wood glue when it receives an almost absolute rating from its customers.

It uses the PVA cross-linking formula which is very strong and durable. Any wood material, any surface can not make this glue difficult.

It is also water resistant to even the wettest of surfaces without compromising its effectiveness. So we are highly reccomned this glue for those who live in wet, rainy areas.

#8 J-B Weld Quick Setting Wood Epoxy Adhesive

This Epoxy adhesive from J-B Weld is a glue that provides the strongest and most durable bonding for any simple or complex craft project. And it is one of the best epoxy glue for wood.

This adhesive has a special texture that can be easily removed if you make any mistakes in the bonding of the wood materials. Furthermore, you do not have to use other harmful detergents to remove them, as they can simply be removed with water.

#9 Gorilla Clear Glue, 5.75 ounce Bottle

Another glue for wood from Gorilla that we think it should be on this list. This is a glue that can work well with wood and many other materials. It also has ingredients that are quite safe for the health of the user and other intermediate materials.

This glue does not foam or smell any unpleasant. It dries up quickly within a few minutes and will create a fully lasting bond after a day.

This adhesive is also water resistant and can withstand a variety of extreme weather conditions. It also does not cause any ugly glue on the surface of the material.

#10 Titebond 5063 Original Wood Glue

Closing this list is a glue for wood from Titebond. It is a very versatile glue that can create a lasting bond with most materials, from which you can apply it to a variety of craft projects, not just wood craft projects.

This adhesive also does not contain harmful substances and does not cause adverse effects when in contact with the user or other materials.

Tip How to Stick Wooden Shelves on the Wall with Wood Glue

#1 Choose a lightweight wooden shelf

For light wood types, you can use wood glue to the wall to attach them to the wall, and for heavy woods, you should use screws to be completely secure.

According to general safety theories, it is recommended to use adhesive with shelves that weigh 1.4 kg or less.

#2 Clean shelves and walls with Isopropyl alcohol

To clean shelves and walls, you can use isopropyl alcohol. You take a clean cloth, absorb alcohol and wipe gently against the wall and the mounting of the shelf. Allow the surface to completely dry before applying to avoid undesirable effects.

#3 Attach adhesive to the shelf with wood glue

After cleaning, press the Velcro-style mounting edges of the two adhesive strips to attach together.

When work is done, remove the protective backing from one of the strips, press the new adhesive side that is in contact with the mounting area of the shelf, and hold the joined strips down for about 30 seconds.

Repeat this process with the rest of the adhesive strips.

#4 Hold your shelf against the wall for 30 seconds

Once the adhesive strips are attached, remove the remaining strips and position the rack along the wall. Press your shelf against the wall and hold for 30 seconds to fix it.

If possible, stick the adhesive strips to the 2 adjacent edges of the shelf and hang it at a corner. This will help the wooden shelves stick more firmly on the wall.

#5 Mount the shelf to the wall

After about 1 hour, you can reattach the wooden shelf with strips of adhesive strips together.

When removing the shelf, make sure it is sticky and won’t fall. The lower support should be placed easily to avoid falling.

#6 Place lightweight objects on your shelf

If using wood glue on a wall, do not place heavy objects on a shelf such as books, notebooks or fragile items such as glass. You can use them to store decorative, lightweight electronics.

If your wooden shelf protrudes more than 10 cm from the wall. Place items tightly behind to avoid causing pressure to easily fall off the shelf.

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