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Top 7 Best Polyurethane Foam (PU Foam) Review 2021 [Honest Review]

The application range of polyurethane foam is quite wide: used to fill seams, gaps during construction or repair. You can also stick foam sheets or laminates on it. The creators embody real masterpieces from this product.

This overview of the building materials market segment allows us to identify the best polyurethane foams that offer thermal and acoustical insulation qualities, are airtight and withstand extreme temperatures.

What is Polyurethane Foam (PU)?

In civil or in the industry, it is often called PU Foam for short. PU Foam is a polymeric compound formed from many different components such as polyol, isocyanate, foaming agent, catalyst, etc., which are mixed by a specialized high-pressure sprayer to create elastic products. , supple, super light foam.

As a result, Polyurethane Foam has an optimal effect in heat resistance, sound insulation, and waterproofing in buildings from civil to large workshops.

PU foam injection is a closed process that starts with 2 liquid components and ends with a product that cures right on the surface of the material.

Normally, PU Foam spraying uses a paint sprayer with a special spray gun, the output product at the spray gun is a hard foam and quickly increases in volume within a few seconds, then about 20 minutes can touch or go. be on it normally. Single-layer finish thickness from 15mm-30mm.

How to Choose Polyurethane Foam?

The choice of polyurethane foam depends mainly on the conditions under which it will be sprayed and used. For home use, a universal option is suitable. For fire-hazardous facilities, all materials used, including insulation, must be fire-resistant.

And to install the frame in cold weather, you need to decide which winter foam is best for windows and check its operating temperature range. When reviewing the recommendations of construction stores, the characteristics of the finishing volume, user reviews and the opinions of experts were studied.

Customers should consider the following criteria to choose the most effective polyurethane foam:

Home users also need an applicator, while professionals will find it more important to use cans with guns.

Top 7 Best Polyurethane Foam Review 2021

#1 Red Devil 0912 Foam Polyurethane Sealant

Red Devil is one of the best all-season polyurethane foams with a one-component composition. It combines a reasonable price and good product characteristics, for which it is loved by professional builders.

Output up to tens of liters of raw materials. The curing period is 24 hours, during which time the mass transforms into a strong aggregate resistant to mechanical damage. The airship is equipped with a temperature indicator that indicates whether the material can be applied under certain conditions.

In addition to the standard 20 oz cylinder, the manufacturer offers 8 oz or 12 oz options for filling small localized cracks. Red Devil is sold with an applicator tube.

The final output mass of a material depends on its application conditions and techniques. Low humidity will not allow it to fully expand, and incorrect placement of the cylinder reduces its throughput.



#2 GREAT STUFF Gaps & Cracks 20 oz Insulating Foam Sealant

Reviews of GREAT STUFF polyurethane foam are mostly positive. It was developed by a US manufacturer for domestic use in various weather conditions. Wide temperature tolerance range.

The material is sold in 20 oz cylinders, yielding approximately 60 liters of finished insulation. The end time is only 15 minutes and the time of full coincidence is 24 hours. Mass hardens under the influence of moisture



#3 Loctite TITE FOAM Insulating Foam Sealant

This is the best universal polyurethane foam for guns from the ones presented in this rating. One component formula expands well when applied to surfaces. It is designed for professional use.

High performance is achieved thanks to the innovative formula. The composition has high adhesion to concrete, brick, glass, plaster, wood surfaces. Foam free of CFCs and HCFCs, environmentally friendly.

Loctite polyurethane foam is loved by professional builders because it speeds up the working process. Due to its quick drying, it can be cut within 25 minutes of application.



#4 Soudal All Season Window & Door Pro Gun Foam

This professional polyurethane foam can be purchased at most hardware stores. It is characterized by low expansion and is suitable for thin joints where precise application is particularly important.

Soudal adheres well not only to brick or concrete, but also to metal or enameled surfaces. The tip is included, so the cylinder can be used not only with the construction gun.

Users note in reviews that they encounter faulty cylinders with poorly functioning valves.



#5 Red Devil 0915 Foam & Fill Fire Block Expanding Polyurethane Foam Sealant

Red Devil manufacturer is well known for excellent quality fireproof paint. Brand flame retardant polyurethane foam holds fire in the assembly joint for up to 4 hours, preventing the spread of smoke and toxic gases.

The quality of the product is confirmed by a safety certificate. The volume sold in the jar is 12 oz, from which about 25 liters of finished insulating material is obtained. The universal valve will fit a sprayer or gun. The material can be applied at temperatures from +5 to +35 degrees. The aggregate can withstand the full load, including the movement of the joints, after 24 hours.



#6 3M Fire Block Foam FB-Foam

It is a professional installation material with fireproof qualities that can be purchased at an affordable cost. Ideally, it fills joints of any thickness that have a low degree of expansion during the hardening and expansion of the material.

This form of the material allows for uniform mass release throughout the entire container’s use. Large amounts of the insulating compound can be obtained from a 12 oz cylinder, making consumption extremely economical. And initial treatment can be done in 35 minutes. The recipe of the ingredient refers to all seasons.

For maximum performance, the cylinder must be kept upright and shaken occasionally. In this case, an output of a homogeneous dense material will be obtained. In cold weather, the yield will be slightly lower than in warm weather.



#7 Great Stuff 99108862 Smart Dispenser Window & Door

This is the best polyurethane foam for doors, outdoor and winter use. Its consumption is economical: from a cylinder with a volume of 12 oz, a large amount of finished mass is obtained. Product spray temperature – from -18 to +30 degrees. Both cold and not hot, when applied does not spread.

The composition has strong adhesion to almost any surface. There is no need to wet the material, as it hardens well at any humidity. All material comes out of the container, leaving nothing in the package.



5 Outstanding Features of Polyurethane Foam

#1 Waterproof

PU Foam is a two-component polymer material, in the process of forming, it will create closed porous cells and meet the element of insoluble in water or almost resistant to all other active chemicals (except acids).

With the ability to seal the surface with 100% self-sealing, the ability to absorb water below 0.1%, and the function of isolating water vapor, thereby helping Polyurethane Foam possess perfect waterproofing ability.

#2 Heat resistant, soundproof

The reaction of the compounds mixed by a specialized high-pressure machine has created the ideal Polyurethane Foam material, with an extremely low heat transfer capacity of less than 0.0182kcal/M.H.OC.

Along with the ability to block sound waves, PU Foam material achieves sound insulation parameters < 23.27 dB. Meet all the absolute needs for sound insulation index compared to other materials.

#3 Fire protection

This feature allows Polyurethane Foam chemicals to withstand temperatures as high as 800 degrees Celsius. Exceeding the threshold of 800 – 1200 degrees Celsius, this material will automatically generate CO2 to extinguish the fire source in less than 1 second.

#4 Adhesion

It can be said that Polyurethane Foam is a material with super durable adhesion and can be applied on most surfaces such as metal, wood, concrete, etc (except non-stick film, PE plastic, PP plastic).

And possesses the modification feature suitable for all types of surfaces from flat, inclined to curved roofs or complex structures on many different types of buildings.

#5 Superlight

As a porous material, PU Foam is very light. According to a research report, this material can reduce up to 49% of structural loads and 36% of building block loads.

As can be seen, Polyurethane Foam is a material with the best strength in durability, elasticity, and toughness with a lifespan of up to 80 years. Therefore, PU Foam is considered the best material on the market today and is commonly used in all constructions.

Common Applications of Polyurethane Foam in Life

Possessing a series of the best outstanding features on the market, it is extremely necessary to put Polyurethane Foam into application in all suitable fields. Among them, the most applied areas today are as follows:

As an odorless, non-toxic material that even helps protect the surrounding environment, Polyurethane Foam is becoming the best and most popular material in the world.

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