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Top 5 Pneumatic Stapler For Wood Review 2023

The pneumatic stapler is one of the most important tools on the job site. With it, you can neatly attach foil, textiles, plywood, or quickly cover an entire room with an awl.

The shelves of hardware stores are bursting with offers of various price ranges. Our review of the best pneumatic staplers will help you choose the best option for your home and professional needs.

Factors to Evaluate pneumatic staplers

The choice of a pneumatic stapler depends on the goals the user sets for the tool. For simple one-time tasks, a simple, inexpensive model is suitable. Professionals are better to choose among efficient options with extended service life. In compiling this review, we studied the characteristics of pneumatic staplers offered on the market, expert reviews, and user reviews. When comparing products and adding them to the TOP of the best, the following criteria were taken into account:

The size of the bolts to be inserted is also important. The larger they are, the larger the staples can be attached to. For a house, there are enough staples up to 30 mm, in industrial premises, it is better to have a fastener of 100 mm and the ability to switch to nails.

What are the types of staplers for wood?

Traditionally, to repair homes or design applications from basic wood, consumers often depended on professional carpenters. But with the advent of these easy-to-use wood staples, has made that job easier for the inexperienced consumer or user. These types of tools like wood staples are basically easy to use, plus they’re very safe, unlike regular nail guns (which make you more likely to get hurt).

Since there are currently many types of wood staple guns available on the market, you must consider and research for yourself a product that is suitable for your budget as well as the nature of the job. If you don’t use it often or use it for small applications like repairs, you can use a simple wood stapler.

Currently, there are quite a few types of wood staple guns, but to choose a good tool to help you use quickly you need to learn about them and choose the most suitable tool for you. Depending on the different types, there will be different structures, there will be types with the function of increasing force and some types without this function. Below are some of the most common types of wood staples you can consider choosing from.

#1 Manual wood stapler

This is a popular type and is sold quite well in the market. Because it works without electricity or compressed air, this type can only be done by hand, so it is preferred by many people or bought for use from home to industrial activities.

With the advantages of being compact and durable, it is easy to use to help you operate it more flexibly. With this type of wood staple gun, you can completely use it manually without the need for electricity or compressed air to act on it. Best of all, you can still adjust the force of the pin firing easily.

#2 Power wood stapler

Not inferior to other types, electric wooden staple guns are also of great interest to many people. Moreover, one of the current trends shows that this tool is gaining more popularity in recent years.

An outstanding advantage of the electric staple gun is its quick and convenient use. The contours of the pin when fired are highly aesthetic. This tool is used electrically because the force of the press is quite strong and flexible. Above all, this electric type also helps you limit some high-damage risks, unlike other types.

#3 Pneumatic stapler

The pneumatic staple gun is the most popular product on the market today, widely used in daily life, and makes stapling work safe, fast and efficient. It mainly relies on the pressure of compressed air provided by the air compressor, also known as air gun or compressed air gun.

The advantage of this wood staple gun is its powerful, fast operation. Usually, it is manufactured with metal materials so they are usually very durable and sturdy. Widely distributed in the market, with reasonable price and quality. However, a note to avoid is to consider carefully before buying lest you buy the wrong fake.

Top 5 Best Pneumatic Stapler for Wood Review

The impact force of the pneumatic stapler is great. It can attach hundreds of staples per minute. Such a tool will be useful in specialized seminars and in everyday life. We have studied the offers of manufacturers in this segment and selected the best representatives of staplers.

#1 Arrow PT50 Oil-Free Pneumatic Staple Gun

The inexpensive Arrow PT50 staple gun works with wide rear staplers. It can be used for furniture repair, upholstery repair, insulation, soft roofing, plywood, drywall or other thin sheet materials.

The tool is very comfortable to work with: it is light and compact. The soft grip and optimal trigger traction also make nailing easy. Staples enough hundreds of thousands of staples. This is a great indicator for a cheap model. The tool meets the price of one hundred percent.



#2 WEN 61705 Crown Air-Powered Pneumatic T50 Stapler

An affordable and reliable model from a trusted manufacturer. The stapler is convenient to use for a long time. The tool weighs only 1.8 pounds. The ergonomic handle is rubberized and fits comfortably in the hand. The device doesn’t try to jump out of your finger.

Press the trigger easily, the stapler does not bend or burn. The inlet diameter is standard and no additional adapters are required. You can buy this pneumatic metal stapler at most stores. The products are widely available in the US.



Reviews of the WEN pneumatic stapler are only positive. It is important to note that this model is suitable for staples that are 1/4 to 9/16 inches in length. They are enough to nail light sheet materials, but not more. The series is more suitable for households than professionals.

#3 FPC (Surebonder) 9600B 9600A Pneumatic Heavy Duty Stapler

Reliable furniture pneumatic stapler manufactured with modern technology. This model weighs in at ‎3.21 pounds so you can work all day without getting too tired. The stapler easily reaches corners and other secluded spots.

The stapler burns gently without damaging the surface. FPC Stapler is suitable for renovation projects of buildings or houses, especially recommended for woodworking projects. To do projects at home, you don’t need a very powerful compressor, a model like this is enough.



FPC stapler is suitable for gluing insulation, drywall, plywood and other sheet materials. It also speeds up roofing work and repairing cabinets or upholstered furniture.

#4 Freeman PFS105 Pneumatic  Fencing Stapler

A good professional pneumatic stapler. The model is resistant to overload and copes with long-term work without problems in the house.

The fuse protects against accidental operation and makes working with the tool safer. The reinforced durable material housing greatly prolongs the life of the device. The ergonomic handle has a non-slip coating that reduces vibrations and allows you to hold the pneumatic stapler firmly even when working for long periods of time.

The Freeman PFS105 is indispensable in furniture repair or assembly, finishing or construction, and wood projects.



Buyers note that there are often discounts on the manufacturer’s products. If you don’t need to fold the stapler, you can keep track of your inventory and buy the tool at a much better price.

#5 BOSTITCH Crown Stapler

The most reliable pneumatic nailer on the list. The inexpensive all-in-one pneumatic stapler is suitable for home use and for the professional construction industry.

The motor of the model is resistant to increased loads and overheating, and has an increased resource. Rubber grips reduce tool vibration and provide a firm grip. Drive depth regulator makes work more precise and precise.

It is convenient to store and transport the stapler in a complete box. The model works with all common sizes of screws. Conveniently adjustable bumper tab adjusts to surface density.



You need to get familiar with the instrument, then working with it will turn into a pleasure. Regular lubrication will significantly prolong the life of the stapler.

Final Verdict

Through the article shared about the review of wooden staples, a good tool hopes to provide product information as well as evaluate it honestly so that you can choose a suitable product for you.

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