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Best Leather Needles Review 2021: What To Notice Before Purchasing?

For those who have done leather craft projects, it will know how difficult this material is to sew. Therefore, leather needles will become more important and necessary than ever.

The best leather needles will help you more easily manipulate and quickly complete your work and project. But choosing the best needles for leather seems to be a tough challenge for beginners.

Currently on the market there are many types of needles for leather but not all work well. Therefore, you need to research carefully before making any decision.

We will help you get off to a better start by aggregating a list of some of the best leather needles according to our objective review.

Top Best Leather Needles Review 2021

#1 Large-Eye Stitching Needles for Leather Projects

These Stitching Needles for Leather Projects from Outus is a great choice for both beginners or those with extensive experience handling leathercraft projects.

If you are looking for the best hand sewing needles for leather, this is the best product. These needles are full of features to become a great assistant to help you complete your project quickly.

These needles have very large and long eyes, so getting the thread through the eyes is a lot easier. So older craftsmen also do not need to worry because of their decreased vision.

Besides, these needles are made from stainless steel and are very strong. This material helps the needle to penetrate easily even the thickest leather. Stainless steel is also the material that can extend the life of the product to the maximum.

This kit comes with 20 needles enough for you to use for a very long time and for many other craft projects. Each needle is 5.2 cm long and comes in a clear bottle to help you store more conveniently.

#2 SIMPZIA 20 Pieces Leather Craft Tools with Hand Sewing Needles

This leather craftwork set from SIMPZIA provides you with the most basic and essential tools to complete your craft project quickly.

Especially, the needles from this set are 7 different types, each suitable for a certain stage. So your product will become much more professional.

Besides the needles, the kit also includes some other useful tools such as stitching awl and leather piercing tool. With a budget not too large, you will own the most ideal tools for your leather craft project.

All of these stitching tools are made from the most durable material, designed to provide the most comfort and convenience to the user.

Surely you will be satisfied with the professionalism and convenience that this product brings.

#3 Euro-Notions Jean & Denim Machine Needles

These machine needles from Euro-Notions are not only ideal for jeans or denim but they are also ideal for leather. This product will help you complete your project as quickly and easily as possible.

These needles work particularly well with synthetic leather, waxed cloth and vinyl. They are very sharp and professional. Very few people complain about this product and feel they work really well with most materials in their project.

Besides, Euro-Nations is also a reputable and reliable brand in the market today. Products from this brand receive a lot of positive reviews from customers and you can count on their quality.

Not only that, but these needles are also very sturdy and can last extremely long. They are not easily broken like some other machine needles. Each pack contains 5 needles and is definitely enough for you to complete your project.

However, you need to check whether the size of the needle fits your sewing machine. If not, they will not work.

#4 SINGER 04808 Titanium Machine Needles

These needles from SINGER are the most ideal machine needles for many different materials, even the thickest materials. If you are working on a heavy craft project, this is the most powerful assistant for you.

This manufacturer pays special attention to the life of the product. You might be surprised, but these needles have a lifespan of five times longer than conventional machine needles.

They are made from stainless steel alloys, which prevent heat and reduce thread breaks. Moreover, they are not easily broken when working with the thickest materials such as jean, denim or leather.

This set of 10 needles is painted in different colors for users to distinguish and use. It is also a significant amount enough for you to complete many heavy craft projects.

However, you need to pay attention to check whether these needles can be used with your sewing machine through their size and shape.

#5 Phinus Sewing Machine Needles

The sewing machine needles from Phinus are the next products we want to recommend. These needles are probably not too strange for many people because it has become a popular needle.

These needles can work with most materials from thin fabric to leather. They are also suitable for most types of sewing machines from household sewing machines to industrial sewing machines. That is why it became the most popular and bestselling product.

This product is made from a very durable and strong iron alloy. It is not easily bent or broken. So it can survive for a very long time without replacement.

This set includes different sized needles suitable for each type of material. They include 10 size 9 needles for working with thin chiffon, 10 needles size 11 for thin fabrics, 10 needles size 12 suitable for common fabrics, 10 needles size 14 ideal for thick fabrics and 10 needles size 16 well handle with jean, denim or leather.

#6 Hekisn Professional Large-Eye Leather Stitching Needle

This is the final product that we are eager to recommend to you. These needles from Hekisn are sure to please you with stable quality, high strength, great flexibility and an ideal budget.

This kit includes 6 different sized needles for a wider and more flexible application of your project. With these different sizes, they are suitable for certain materials and manipulations.

These needles are made of stainless steel, are not easily bent and are strong enough to penetrate the thickest materials. So using this kit to stitch leather by hand will be most ideal.

Besides, these needles also have quite large eyes so you can easily pierce the thread. For people with low vision, there’s nothing better than this.

These needles are also placed in a transparent container to help you store them more neatly and easily.

How To Choose The Best Needles For Leather?

To work professionally and quickly with your leathercraft project, you need to choose the most suitable needles. There is not only one type of leather but there are many other types such as thin leather, rough leather, suede and many other types of synthetic leather.

Each of these leather types requires different manipulations to create the most professional stitches. And you can also destroy the most valuable pieces of leather if you use the wrong type of needle.

Whether hand sewing needles or sewing machines are carefully selected, you should pay attention to:

#1 Size

The size of the sewing needles is the first thing you should consider before choosing any product. You really need to choose the right size needle for the material in your project.

Usually, the needles that can work with leather are large in size. They are often heavy metals that can penetrate this thick material. Some may be smaller in size when working with thin leather.

You also need to check how your sewing machine fits into the needle size. Some types of needles cannot work with some Juki Brother, Janome series sewing machines, so you need to choose carefully.

#2 Material

The material of sewing needles for leather is also an important factor that you should pay great attention to. The leather is a heavy material so stitches really need to be strong and sharp enough to pierce them.

Rust-resistant materials like stainless steel or alloys are good materials we recommend. These materials are very durable, not easy to bend or break. They also have a significant lifespan.

Investing in needles made of good materials will save you from having to invest too much and ensure a faster project.

#3 Needles’ eye

For people with low vision, it is essential to choose needles with a large eye. The large eye will help you quickly pass the thread through, thus saving you time.

A lot of people struggle with this step because they can’t get the thread through needles’ eye. This stage may seem unimportant, but it will really cause a lot of difficulties for people with poor eyesight.

#4 Budget

Although leather sewing needles often come with a modest price, you can still buy them for a better price for your craft project.

Currently on the market, there are many products for the leathercraft project, including sewing needles and some other tools. Although it looks expensive at regular stitches, the price includes a lot of other tools.

Therefore, it is calculated that it is a very reasonable price when you can own many tools needed for your craft project.


Whether you are an experienced or a beginner, you should really choose the right type of leather needle. Those needles are tiny but they play an extremely important role.

Before choosing a needle for your project, you should take some time to find out whether the needle will work for your project or your sewing machine. This will give you a smooth start to your potential craft project.

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