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Best Industrial Lubricants 2022 (Review) – Everything You Need to Know

Industrial lubricants have become an indispensable auxiliary product in today’s modern industries. With the continuous development of technology, machines are also designed more specifically. They are used in harsh environments such as very low or very high temperatures, exposure to harsh chemicals, high operating speeds, high oxidation, and high corrosion. In addition, the details are also subjected to an extremely large load on the contact surface.

The above adverse factors can cause damage to machinery and equipment during operation, leading to increased production and maintenance costs. However, conventional lubricants cannot solve it completely, that’s why industrial lubricants are applied in this case.

Industrial lubricants are created to better protect machine parts. Below, we will provide you with the necessary information about this type and with it a list of the best industrial lubricants according to our unbiased assessment.

What are industrial lubricants?

Industrial lubricants are products created from the oil production process. It is usually obtained from the end of the petrochemical process or when the oil refining temperature is highest. Then, it will be mixed with thickener and some necessary additives. This helps to increase the performance of the lubricants.

Typically, lubricants products will include mineral base oils, thickeners, and additives. In which, base oil will account for about 70% to 80% depending on the need to create solid oil to what extent. To proceed with the preparation of high or low thickener ratio.

What are the basic properties of industrial lubricants?

In terms of shape and structure, lubricants have a semi-solid form. It belongs to the classification of lubricant and plaque materials. In the solid state, grease has a heavier density than that lubricating oil. They are also capable of reducing the coefficient of friction to below a minimum. However, in terms of standards, the viscosity index of grease is still inferior to that of oil or viscous substances.

Heat-resistant lubricants usually have a fairly stable internal structure. They are extremely suitable when applied to ball bearings of the joint type, shaking or bearings subject to heavy loads, slow speeds, and medium speeds. Industrial lubricants are also known for their ability to prevent bearing damage from excessive vibration, impact loads, high-speed operation, high-temperature background.

The molecular structure of heat-resistant lubricants is usually quite small. Therefore, they can creep into the nooks and crannies of machine parts. This will help ensure that the machine parts are operating at their best. Besides, they also contribute to maintaining the operating temperature. Extends the life of internal components.

What are the main ingredients in industrial lubricants?

The composition of normal lubricants will include base oils, thickeners, and additives. They create the properties of the lubricants such as resistance to the effects of oxidizing agents, the environment, and anti-corrosion agents. Lubricating grease also depends mainly on the composition of the grease.

#1 Original oil

Depends on the base oil used to manufacture the lubricants. Which we will have the corresponding products are petroleum-based grease and synthetic lubricants. Therefore, the properties of the lubricant obtained from these base oil components will also have corresponding properties. Along with base oil components such as longevity, resistance to oxidizing agents, or adhesion.

#2 Thickeners

Emulsifying soaps are the main ingredients used to thicken lubricants. Soaps include Sodium Stearate, Calcium Stearate, Lithium Stearate, and a mixture of these ingredients. Fatty acid derivatives are also used to form thickeners such as Lithium 12-hydroxy stearate. With water resistance, water resistance, and chemical stability in grease. They will largely depend on the nature of the thickeners and base oil composition.

#3 Additives

A primary additive is a substance added to improve the lubricating properties of grease. In order to achieve the desired performance. For example, specialized greases containing glycerol, sorbitan esters. Used for lubrication in low-temperature conditions. Lubricants containing solid lubricants such as graphite. Molybdenum disulfide is used to lubricate moving mechanisms that are always subjected to heavy loads.

Under heavy load conditions, the more compressible lubricants are, the more thin the lubricant film is. The lubricating solid will bond with the metal surface of the mechanism to prevent direct metal contact, reducing friction.

Top 5 Best Industrial Lubricants Review 2021

#1 Castrol LMX Multipurpose Grease Li-komplexfett

Castrol LMX Multipurpose Grease is used to lubricate a wide range of plain and ball bearings used in automobiles. The durable construction of these greases makes them particularly suitable for car, bus, and truck bearings where operating temperatures are within specified limits. Castrol Multipurpose Grease also has excellent water resistance and anti-corrosion properties giving them better protection for vehicle chassis components.

This product is synthesized according to a unique preparation technology from highly refined base oils and high-grade Lithium-based thickeners, combined with a high-quality multi-purpose, heat-resistant, extreme-pressure additive system. Outstanding loading, improved mechanical stability, resistance to water rot, oxidation stability, corrosion resistance for easy lubrication, comprehensive protection of machine components.

#2 Shell Gadus S2 V220 2

Gadus S2 V220 is a high temperature, heavy-duty grease. It is a line of high-quality greases, manufactured by Shell lubricants, one of the world’s largest industrial grease manufacturers. These are greases for bearings, plain bearings, metal or plastic gears, sealing greases, and special greases. Applications for general-purpose, high-speed or heavy-load lubrication, high or extremely low temperatures.

This product uses a unique formulation technology from a clay thickener, with the addition of special high-temperature oxidation inhibitors. Special base oils with high viscosity and excellent anti-oxidation properties with inorganic thickeners, providing adequate lubrication at temperatures above the limit for lithium-based greases.

Shell Gadus S2 V220 2 is known as the anti-degradation factor of equipment and machinery. Used to lubricate plain and rolling bearings as well as hinge joints, sliding surfaces commonly encountered in industry and transport, for factories and machines operating at high temperatures.

#3 Chevron Multifak EP 2

Chevron Multifak EP 2 is formulated from highly refined mineral oils. It contains a lithium soap thickener containing extreme pressure additives, anti-rust additives, anti-oxidants, fully tropicalized to suit all weather conditions for more perfect lubricating properties.

Chevron  Multifak EP 2 is formulated for use in rolling mill lubrication systems where soft grease is required for special grease dispensing pump systems. Heavy-duty rolling or plain bearings operate under severe conditions including impact loads and wet environments.


Mobillux EP 2 is a high-performance multi-purpose grease manufactured by Mobil industrial greases, one of the world’s leading grease manufacturers. To prepare high-quality Mobilux EP 2, the company has used carefully selected premium base oils combined with a Lithium Hydroxide thickener and a multi-purpose additive system with excellent stability. This gives the product more advantages than conventional greases.

technology formulated from premium base oils with a lithium hydroxystreate soap thickener containing extreme pressure additives and proven additives to enhance performance in a wide range of modern applications. It has also been fully tropicalized to suit extreme weather conditions, providing excellent lubricity.

#5 Lucas Oil Red N Tacky Grease

Lucas Oil Red N Tacky Grease is a line of industrial greases that contain rust and oxidation inhibitors, and are water-resistant. It provides excellent mechanical stability and long storage life for any machine, engine.

This product is synthesized by a unique preparation technology from refined base oils and high-grade Lithium-based thickeners, combined with a multi-purpose heat-resistant additive system. In addition, it also has an outstanding load-carrying capacity, helps to stabilize and improve mechanical properties, resists rotting in water, is anti-corrosion for easy lubrication, comprehensive protection of machine parts.

What is the function of industrial grease?

Industrial lubricants play a very important role in engine systems, machinery equipment. In addition, when using grease, it also brings many other functions as follows:

Characteristics of industrial greases

Industrial lubricants are manufactured with the main feature of lubricating industrial equipment and machinery during the production process. However, due to the development of technology as well as higher requirements in the operation process, industrial greases are added with many outstanding features.

What are the pros & cons of industrial grease?



What should be noted when using industrial grease?

When using industrial greases, it is necessary to choose products with parameters suitable for machines. The manufacturer, as well as the distributor, also plays an important role in the performance of the grease.

However, in addition to factors such as composition and properties, the storage and use of the grease also contribute to the lubricating capacity. They are also resistant to heat generation when operating. Please understand the following notes to use the best grease.

#1 Use just enough

If too little grease is applied, the part will not be completely covered. This can lead to wear and rust problems with machine parts in a short time. However, applying too much grease will increase friction, increase temperature, and waste energy. From there, production efficiency will not be high. Depending on the needs and requirements of the vehicle, it should be greased accordingly. Typically, the amount of grease required for bearings ranges from 1/3 to 1/2 of the total internal bearing volume.

#2 Do not mix greases with different brands and textures

When storing grease, it is necessary to classify each product clearly. Avoid using the same container for two different types of grease. Because, if the grease is mixed, the dripping of the lubricating grease will decrease.

Besides, the needle penetration will increase, causing the mechanical stability to be affected. It is recommended to use safe containers, classified based on colors and symbols to avoid confusion. When finished using any container that needs to be cleaned immediately, change the symbol to avoid confusion.

#3 Clean, maintain the system, change the grease periodically

Lubricating grease after a period of use will be degraded. Therefore, you need to replace industrial grease periodically. Besides, it is also advisable to change the types of grease in use because they are often constantly improved according to more advanced formulas.

Before using a new industrial grease, a pre-test should be performed. Please clean the operating system to avoid causing grease contamination problems.


In fact, industrial greases are not necessarily only for industrial use. But in real life, they are often still applied to bearings, bearings of motorcycles, cars, or other places in the house. However, most car owners do not have a general understanding of this lubricant, so they face some difficulties in choosing and using it. So you need to know the information about this product to be able to choose a suitable lubricant and work well.

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