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Best Hole Digging Machine Review 2023 – Principles of Safe Use

To speed up the drilling of holes in the ground, a screw-shaped drill is used, the rotation of which is performed by the gasoline engine. According to the intended purpose, the tools are classified into household and professional. Former houses are often used by residents in the summer to plant trees and make fences. The latter is selected by builders to lay and strengthen the foundation.

There are different brands on the market, so choosing a good device is not easy. Our team tested the operation of the devices and, based on the results, made an assessment, including the best hole digging machine.

Refer to this list (which has been carefully selected) if you are intending to choose post hole diggers that can work effectively for your project.

How to Rate a Hole Digging Machine?

When choosing post-hole diggers, buyers need to study the characteristics of the tool carefully. Because these characteristics affect its operation, life, ease of use. We analyzed owner reviews, performance comparison test results, build quality, and reliability of more than 25 units.

The review has been compiled taking into account the following device parameters:

4 models were included in the evaluation of the ground hole digging machine. We evaluated the characteristics and performance of more than 10 instruments. Ergonomics, build quality and functionality were highlighted shortcomings, not included in the review.

Top 4 Best Hole Digging Machine Review 2023

Usually used for household needs. The working volume of the engine does not exceed 40 – 70 cm3. These tools are also recommended for beginners because they have less weight and speed, and are easier to hold. The main purpose is to drill holes for the elements of the fence or gazebo, to plant seedlings. According to the test results, we found these motors to be affordable and widely applicable, suitable for home repair projects.

#1 XtremepowerUS V-Type 55CC Post Hole Digger

The design of this hypothetical motor hole drill is suitable for use by one person. With this machine, users can drill soil and rock quickly and easily.

It is only necessary to replace the corresponding drill. The power of the two-stroke engine is 2.3 kW, the volume is 55 cm3, the capacity of the fuel tank is large. The device is capable of working with drill bits up to 30 cm in diameter, allowing you to drill holes up to 200 cm deep. Starting a cold engine is made easy by pre-injecting the fuel. Model weight is 25.6 pounds, quite lightweight allows users to easily manipulate and control.

80% of users recommend buying a grounding motor drill. The advantages include performance, ease of use.

  • Anti-vibration system
  • The quality of the material is good
  • Low price
  • Easy to operate
  • Blocking started by accident
  • Includes spark plug wrench
  • The engine sound is quite loud
  • No padding on the handle

#2 WEMARS Post Hole Digger 52CC

In terms of power, this model is slightly inferior to the previous candidate, with an engine volume of 52 CC. The machine works with 6″ 8″ augers in diameter, ensuring to drill holes about 180 cm deep.

The low weight ensures ease of use and transport of the device. The ergonomic T-handle design of this single-person earth drill allows for comfortable and balanced control. Your outsourced workload will become a lot simpler thanks to the performance of this model.

This model works perfectly on soft, clay and even the hardest soils The petrol engine 2 allows drilling through planting holes, decks, fence posts, and more.

  • Low price
  • Light-weight
  • Easy to start
  • High performance
  • Compact size
  • Not found

#3 ECO LLC 63CC Engine Earth Ice Digger

Like previous nominations, the model works on land and ice. This model is designed for easy operation by one or two people. It is equipped with a 2.5 kW 2-stroke engine, which can work strongly for a long time.

On the inside of the cylinder, the manufacturer has applied porous chromium plating technology, which increases the wear resistance of the details. This model can work with 6″ and 10″ drill bits. The body is made of frost-resistant material, allowing the device to be used in winter.

  • Fairly lightweight
  • Average price
  • Low vibration during operation
  • Easy engine start
  • Power button lock
  • Easy-to-slip handle

#4 TAZZ 35365 Earth Auger/Post Hole Digger

This ground motor drill is equipped with a powerful motor that can work continuously for a long time. It’s also one of the most compact models in this review, perfect for home projects.

The design works with 8″ drill bits, with a drilling depth of 36 inches. All elements of the device are mounted on the frame. A rope is provided for starting at the top and the trigger-shaped throttle lever is on the handle. Built-in shock absorbers reduce stress levels.

  • Motor overheat protection
  • Easy to start
  • Carburetor setting according to ambient pressure
  • Rubber pads on the handle
  • High performance
  • Small fuel tank volume

How to Choose a Hole Digger?

When purchasing, it is advisable to take into account the characteristics on which the performance depends on different conditions. These parameters include the power, diameter and length of the drill bit, set elements, ergonomics. Quality and usage also affect its lifespan.

#1 Power

The value of the parameter is affected by the volume of the internal combustion engine. The higher it is, the more electricity, depending on the depth and width of the borehole. To get a well, it is recommended to choose units with an indicator of at least 7 – 8 hp. In everyday life, devices with a capacity of up to 3 hp are suitable.

Professional-grade models are often chosen for long-term work on dense soils with rocky patches. Large drills can be mounted on powerful equipment. At the same time, they have a very large weight and torque, so the operator needs to accurately calculate his strength.

#2 Drilling depth and diameter

The standard length of the screw rod is 600 – 800 cm, so to drill deep holes, it is advisable to immediately purchase good quality extension cords, a tripod. Using devices with a capacity of up to 3 HP allows you to take holes with a diameter of 20 – 30 cm and a depth of 200 cm The first value depends on the width of the screw itself.

High-power models are designed for mounting a screw rod with a diameter of 300 – 600 mm. When drilling with such aggregates, large holes will be obtained, which ensures their use for the installation of tall pillars.

#3 Replaceable drill head

The elements of the kit are produced with a diameter of 10, 15 and 20 cm, the length also varies, on average 60 – 80 cm, the accessories of Chinese manufacturers are cheaper than the cost of the parts. branded death.

If you want to buy good quality components, you will have to pay at least a few hundred dollars. With regular use, it is recommended to sharpen the cutting edge, otherwise the risk of performance loss increases. In this case, any tool for grinding the garden or construction equipment is suitable.

#4 Ergonomics

The ease of use of the model depends on the weight of the device and the features of the handle. It is easier for one person to work independently with light equipment. If the weight of the equipment reaches between 30 – 45 kg, then it is designed for use by 2 operators.

The handle should be equipped with a soft rubber pad to prevent hand slipping when drilling. An important criterion for selection is their location. It is recommended to have vibration damping, reversing and braking devices in motor drills. The first reduces kickback in the operator’s hands, the second makes it easier to remove the drill bit from the ground. The brake system eliminates damage to the gearbox when stuck.

Principles of Safe Use of Hole Drilling Machine

Hand-held hole drills work mainly on the force from the rotating shaft of the hacksaw blades impacting the soil layer to create deep holes. The rotational force of the drill bit has a very high rotation speed. Therefore, if you are not careful, it is very easy to have an accident during the excavation process. These accidents often have very serious consequences.

In fact, there have been many cases of accidents, injuries, and even death by the use of an unsafe planting hole digger. Several people were hospitalized in critical condition after being hit by the blade of the hole drill. Just because of being subjective when using a digging machine in the process of growing grapefruit, someone has permanently lost their hands. Drilling machine accidents have very serious consequences.

If you don’t want to take those huge risks, you need to pay special attention to safety rules. They will help you to prevent and avoid unwanted situations from happening. Using any type of machine, safety principles need to be put first.

#1 Safety rules when adding gasoline to a hole drill

The principle of safety attention when adding gasoline to the engine is the first thing that should be put on top. Because they are very easy to cause fire and explosion phenomena, which are dangerous to you and those around you.

#2 The principle of distance using the hole digger

For soil drills, when using a planting hole excavator, the distance between the legs and the saw blades is not large. So, just a little accident, you will have an unexpected accident right away.

#3 Principles of labor protection when using a hole drilling machine

Most people who use home drilling machines do not care about protection issues. But wearing protective gear is very important for your safety.

These safety guidelines are extremely important to anyone using a hole digger. You need to follow them strictly and know better than anything.

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