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Best Heat Gun for Electronics [Review 2021] List of Top Heat Gun Brands

A heat gun is a versatile tool, a great helper in repair work. It consists of body, handles, heating element and blower. The hot air gun helps to remove old layers of paint and varnish, welds and melts plastic parts, separating previously glued elements.

In addition to removing paint, the heat gun can also do many other tasks such as shrink band, for art, for crafts and many other effects thanks to its heat.

Our ranking of the best heat guns below includes the best heat guns according to real users’ versions, as well as based on tests conducted by experts.

List of Top Heat Gun Brands

The heat gun manufacturers presented below are known for their reliable products, high quality performance and suitable price. These good heat gun brands use modern equipment and high-quality raw materials in their production, guided by internationally accepted quality standards, thus ensuring the safety and functionality of the goods.

Here are some of the best heat gun brands that crafters should add to their reference list.


Since 1910, the company has grown from a small mechanical workshop into an innovative American brand specializing in the production of small household appliances, garden equipment, and power tools.

The invention of the hand-held electric drill with stock and trigger helped the company grow and conquer the market.

#2 Bosch

Bosh is a German company, founded in the late 19th century, is one of the leading manufacturers of household and kitchen appliances. Products for summer houses and gardens, power tools, personal care equipment are produced in factories in China, Russia and European countries.

#3 DeWalt

DeWalt is an American company known for its nearly 100-year history. From a power tool company that executes government defense orders, it has grown into a sub-brand of the Black + Decker Group and the #1 professional power tool sold.

#4 Steinel

Steinel has been in business since 1959 and is considered a world leader in the industry. The brand produces thermal tools based on advanced technical solutions. The products are reliable, convenient, safe and have a long service life.

#5 Makita

This is a brand that provides heat gun from Japan. Makita’s products always stand out with the design of modern heat-slots to cool the engine. Besides, the products of this brand also stand out with 2 flexible capacities.

#6 Hakko

Hakko is a brand that cannot be ignored in the list of good heat gun brands. In particular, Hakko is a brand that provides the cheapest products on the market. Besides, Hakko always ensures the safety of their products.

#7 Atten

Atten is also one of the brands that needs to be mentioned in this list. Atten’s products are always featured with competitive prices, compact sizes, and they also own a wide range of heavy-duty, professional hot air guns. Therefore, it ensures flexibility, productivity as well as quality.

How to Choose The Best Heat Gun?

Beginner craftsmen need to consider carefully when choosing the best electric heat gun. Should not be too concerned about the price, choose the ones with the lowest price, but pay attention to more criteria.

Here are some criteria that we recommend customers to carefully research before choosing any best heat gun to buy.

For home use, you should not buy an expensive model with powerful functions, and to perform a significant amount of work, you should consider professional equipment.

#Choose the right machine

There are many different types of heat guns available today. In which, depending on your needs, you can choose one of the following types of machines:

#The machine’s ability

The next issue you need to consider is how the product works. In which the advice for you is to choose a torch with a capacity of about 1,800W – 2,000W. This type of machine can provide heat flow to more than 600 degrees Celsius, airflow 250 – 500 liters/minute.

#Solid construction

When choosing to buy a hot air gun, you should pay attention to the structure of the product. In particular, a quality machine must ensure the structure of high-grade materials, with good electrical and thermal insulation.

In addition to the 2 heating elements and the wind generator, the machine must also have a handle with a thermal trigger.

#Heat control degree

The next issue you need to pay attention to is the issue of heat control. In particular, the head of the machine needs to be made of durable hard alloy material that is resistant to deformation and damage.

In particular, you should choose machines with electronic screens that notify temperature and gas volume to make control and customization easier.


Brand is one of the very important factors that bring modern heat torch machines. In particular, you should choose machines from the top prestigious brands in the world to ensure quality.

Top 6 Best Heat Gun for Electronics Review 2021

#1 BLACK+DECKER HG1300 Heat Gun, Dual Temperature

During application, the Black + Decker HG1300 heat gun effectively and safely removes various coatings, as well as warms up pipes that freeze in winter and form plastic structures.

The 1350 W electric motor with an efficient cooling system allows for heavy workloads. The machine is light in weight and is equipped with a comfortable grip to reduce hand fatigue when used for a long time. The model combines high quality, convenience and power. Packing size ‎9.38 x 3 x 9.63 inches, the device is easy to carry and store.

Customers appreciate the machine’s stylish design and lightweight. The machine works well for a long time, powerful, no noise when operating, no strange smell.



#2 Bosch GHG 600 CE Heat Gun

A convenient base, a straight handle, and a conveniently located three-mode switch set the Bosch GHG 600 heat gun apart from other models.

The compact body is made of high-grade heat-resistant plastic. Flatback panel for easy floor installation. The 2000 W motor will help you easily remove cracked paint, old polish, open pipes, weld plastic, warm surfaces. It is also used to puff charcoal on the grill. The model works with airflow of 350 – 550 l/min.

According to users, it is necessary to purchase a specialized BOSCH construction, distinguished by a reliable blower capable of separating adhesive joints, heating water supply pipes, and frozen sewage. This model is light and comfortable, it is priced right.



#3 DEWALT Heat Gun with LCD Display & Hard Case/Accessory Kit

The device has a convenient closed-type handle, which protects workers’ hands and facilitates handling. Can be used for surface drying, plastic welding, sheet metal welding, copper pipe forming, old paint removal, pipe de-icing.

The device is capable of maintaining an operating temperature of 50 to 600 degrees. The power of the device is 1550 W. On its upper part, there is a display that reflects all the performance indicators. The manufacturer has provided removable stops for stability when using this DeWalt heat gun in static mode.

According to user reviews, the machine is firm in hand, does not tire the brush. The last setting can be saved in the heat gun, so that the next time you turn it on, you don’t need to re-enter the data. This device comes with a hard case and many other accessories.



#4 Steinel Heat Gun Kit

This is a stylish and powerful device from Steinel, a trusted manufacturer that attracts with design and function. The body is made of durable plastic, the rubber insert and the optimal center of gravity ensure comfortable use.

This heat gun is easy to hold even with one hand with a relatively lightweight. Operating temperature ranges from 120 – 1150°F, the device is suitable for working with different materials, including heavy-duty jobs.

The visual indicator prevents burns by monitoring the temperature after the device is unplugged. This heat gun is equipped with a brush motor and ceramic heating element. The manufacturer guarantees a service life of the motor of 1000 hours.



#5 SEEKONE Heat Gun

The SEEKONE Heat Gun can take care of all the heavy-duty jobs. This device is equipped with a sturdy design, comfortable grip, long power cord to ensure the safety and productivity of the device.

The model works with a flow of 500 l/min. An additional function is provided – digital adjustment in each operating mode in 10-degree steps. Once switched off, purge mode is activated to rapidly cool the tool and preserve operating time.

The kit includes 4 nozzles and a wiper. The machine is sold in a carrying case with separate niches for all the elements.



#6 EnerTwist Heat Gun 1500 Watt

This hot air gun from EnerTwist is a good 1500 W model from a reliable manufacturer. This appliance is used for household purposes for welding plastic parts, shaping various products from acrylic, PVC, removing old paints and varnishes, wallpaper, sealants, dry paint.

This heat gun is also used to defrost and warm up engines and other technical components. Step-by-step temperature control using a key on the handle of the unit heats it up to 500 degrees.

This model is lightweight and its dimensions are ‎11.97 x 11.26 x 4.21 inches. The manufacturer has provided a carrying case for the convenience of carrying the device along with the attached accessories.

According to customer reviews, this heat gun works well for home use. It’s light, convenient, and inexpensive. They often buy it for minor repairs in an apartment or house. The device copes with all tasks using several attachments, which take up little space.



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