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Best Hand Planers Review: How to Properly Store and Use a Hand Planer?

The hand-held planer is a product used to effectively support users in wood production and processing jobs. It is the impact of the hand-held wood planer that helps to increase the value of the finished product, smoothing the surface and making it easier to fabricate.

Most handheld planers are built with axes that connect the blades in a reciprocating motion, so even one damaged part will render the others inoperable. But handheld wood planer is very dangerous, if you do not know how to use it, here are some notes when using a handheld planer to ensure safety.

Top 5 Best Hand Planers Review 

#1 BOSCH GHO 10.8V-20 Professional Charging Planer

This is a more advanced line of electric planers from Germany – Bosch GHO Professional. And it must be a brand that is no stranger to those who often use woodworking tools or home repair. Bosch is known for its high quality, stable and durable products.

This planer has a compact, sturdy design, compact when in use. The machine has a switch to hold the trigger for both right and left hands, the front has a knob to adjust the blade depth suitable for each job.

This Bosch GHO Professional planer has 2 HSS blades that can sharpen wood materials, resulting in a perfectly smooth surface. These 2 HSS blades increase efficiency and maintain better durability than 1 blade. The machine also offers outstanding power thanks to the 3V 3V cut-out slide.

This wood planer is equipped with a measure of the depth of planing, increasing the ability to be more accurate when operating. GHO Professional offers a fresh design, with the ability to adjust the cutting depth up to 2.6mm and optimized airflow to push the planer out during operation, avoiding internal blockage causing damage.

This model comes with 6 months genuine warranty, electronic warranty can be activated easily.


#2 Makita KP0800K 3-1/4-Inch Planer Kit

Makita electric panel is a product originating from Japan, genuine warranty for 6 months. The Makita KP0800K hand planer is basically the same as the Maktec MT191 electric planer, but the Maktec series is currently out of stock.

With Makita M1901, users can rest assured to use it because of its very affordable price, stable performance and durability. In terms of design, the machine is quite compact, easy to operate, and has a rubberized handle to avoid slipping. Like other mini electric planers, Makita KP0800K has a depth adjustment knob right in front.

The base of the machine is made of solid aluminum, anti-rust and durable. The machine uses 2 blades to increase durability as well as performance, especially the blade can be removed for sharpening.

In addition, Makita KP0800K spare parts are also very easy to replace. Package includes: 3-1/4-Inch Planer Kit, blade gauge assembly, wrench, guide rule, blade set and tool case.


#3 JELLAS 7.5Amp Power Hand Planer

This is a model of electric planer that is being loved by many carpenters because of its sturdy design, low price, and stable operation. This JELLAS planer has a planer depth of up to 1/8 inch in one go, making it easy to work on large wood surfaces. In addition, this planer is optimally designed to help suck and blow wood chips faster and cleaner.

JELLAS 7.5Amp Power Hand Planer has a comfortable, easy-to-grip handle design, firmly screwed, with high friction to make the job extremely easy and comfortable.



This hand planer from PORTER-CABLE has a compact, sturdy design yet can handle the heavy lifting. The shell of this planer is also designed to limit the impact of the machine as well as to preserve accessories.

High-grade aluminum case, lightweight, stainless creates a feeling of compactness and firmness. Sharp sharpening blade can be sharpened after long time use. PORTER-CABLE Hand Planer PC60THP uses a voltage of 120V, a large capacity of 6 Amps for durable operation, continuous work while not reducing the durability of the machine.

The depth adjustment knob is located on the front of the planer head so you can adjust the planing depth to 5/64-inches. With high idle speed, large planing width for extremely fast wood planing, beautiful smooth planing.


#5 Ryobi HPL52K 6 Amp 16,500 RPM 3 1/4″ Corded Hand Planer

This is a handheld planer product of the Ryobi brand that is also worth noting to choose, affordable, affordable. Ryobi HPL52K has a compact, lightweight design that makes it easy for workers to slide and smooth the material.

This line of Ryobi hand planers has many advantages. The machine is treated with anti-shake, creating a comfortable feeling when working compared to other models. The planing width from 0-1/8″ in 1/96″ increments, the contact surface is relatively wide, can be used on many different wood materials.

The machine is also widely used in industries such as construction and industry.


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What should be paid attention to when using a handheld planer?

#1 Install the machine properly to avoid splashing material

The phenomenon of material splashing when using a wood planer may be due to the blade not being fitted tightly. You need to pay attention when installing the machine and make sure it is installed correctly to avoid this or other unfortunate problems.

Please let the machine run test before working and check the operation of safety equipment every time you operate the machine.

#2 Be careful when using to avoid electric shock

The cause of electric shock when using a planer may be due to an open circuit in the electrical conductor, electrical contact to the case or an opening in the circuit breaker or electrical outlet. Therefore, you need to check the power cord carefully before use.

Besides, you also need to store the wood planer in a dry place so that the power is not exposed to the case and remember to disconnect the power when the power is out or when the job is finished.

#3 Make sure the wooden surface is free of obstructions

When using a wood planer that gets caught in the screw heads, the protrusion on the wood surface can cause injury to the user. To prevent this from happening, make sure the wood surface you plan to plan is free of any obstructions. If there are such obstacles, please pay careful attention when working, do not be subjective and cause unnecessary injuries.

In addition, you should not only use gloves when working, but should use an auxiliary device (push hand) to avoid slipping your hand into the machine.

#4 Keep the machine and the workplace clean to avoid fire and explosion

The cause of this failure may be due to wood chips, wood chips that cause moisture in the electrical circuit, and electrical leakage. When there is an electric spark that resonates with the shavings, it can cause fire and explosion. In order not to have these dangerous incidents like fire and explosion, you need to make sure the electrical circuit is stable, not wet or leaking when using.

To ensure that the circuit, you should regularly clean machinery and equipment, clean the workplace, and maintain the machine properly.

#5 Use protective gear that prevents direct contact with wood

Industrial poisons enter the human body through the woodworker’s contact with wood. If you don’t want this to happen, be sure to use protective gear specifically for each job. Use protective equipment before working, such as goggles, masks, etc.

How to properly store the hand planer?

Proper maintenance of the hand planer will save you from warranty problems or other unexpected accidents. Try to take a few minutes after completing your project to properly clean and maintain your equipment and work environment.

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